Friday, October 14, 2011

Salem Time

Nothing beats Salem in October!  (Although, it was 84 degrees on the day we went & zero fall foliage in sight!)  ^_^


Alisha_In_Life said...

Hi, Broom Hilda! Boy, does that house look frightfully amazing. Do they have a haunted house during Halloween? The Queen Mary always has a party (that's why I thought of it). My company is throwing a Halloween Costume Contest (called Co$tume Bash for Cash) that I thought you would be interested in. You can learn more about our spook-tacular event here: Maybe submit a witchy costume? :)

Grandma Bugs Place said...

I was so tickled to visit Salem several years ago. Could have stayed a few days but the 1 day we were there!!! IT WAS much to see and would love to be there now!