Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Witch Just For Hilda!

I am sooooo excited! Look what I just received in z mail todays?!? My very own homemade Witch Doll made specially for me by my bestest & most talented witchy friend in the world, Wendy the (Very) Good Witch!!!
I received a box of magical loveliness today & among the many beautifully, bewitchingly wrapped Hallow E'en treasures was this adorable lil' witch! She even resembles me! I am so in LOVE with her!
I am one happy lil' Hildagard on this fine Wednesday! Thank you sooo much Wendy! I will treasure her forever & ever!
Wendy's artwork is a must see! Go on & sneak a peak at and also at ^_^


Anonymous said...

Ohhhh this is so wonderfully cute and pretty. I am glad that I am playing at catch up today and got to see this Witch! She is BEAUTIFUL!!
Hugs and sparkles - WG

Broom Hilda said...

Thanks for stopping by for a spell! Isn't this lil' witch the prettiest lil' witch you've ever seen? My pal Wendy is such a talented artist. Her work is always splendid & lovely! ^_^